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Jan 16, 2022 Sun 02:18PM

Charlie Sifford

True First Series / Charlie Sifford

Charlie Sifford

Charlie Sifford

Long before Tiger Woods there was Charlie Sifford. This native of North Carolina started working as a caddy when he was 13 years old and joined the professional golf circuit in 1948. During the years of segregation, black golfers were excluded from the PGA and played within their own organization, the United Golf Association. Sifford won the National Negro Open six times and when the PGA removed its “Caucasian-only” clause in 1961, he became the first person of African descent to earn a Tour Card. He won the Greater Hartford Open in 1967, the Los Angeles Open in 1969 and became the first African-American to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Season: Season Two
Release Date: TBD
Producer(s): Jerald Harkness,
E Producer(s): Kweku Hayford,
Director(s): TBD
Consultant(s): TBD
Interviewee(s): TBD
Crew: TBD
Talent: TBD
Production: Nimble Sage Productions, Studio Auteur,
Network: TBD

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