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Dec 05, 2021 Sun 08:15AM

George Washington Carver

True First Series / George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver

In 1941, Time Magazine called George Washington Carver a “black Leonardo,” comparing his genius to that of the famed Italian Renaissance inventor, artist and engineer. Carver was born into slavery in the state of Missouri. He was accepted to college in Kansas but subsequently refused admittance because of his race. After a period of homesteading, Carver became the first black student at the Iowa State Agricultural College and eventually became its first black member of faculty. Carver was the father of crop rotation, becoming a popular public figure when President Theodore Roosevelt became an admirer. Carver became both the country’s foremost expert on peanuts and vocal advocate for “interracial cooperation”. A pioneer in the field of agriculture, Carver’s work remains an integral part of modern-day farming.

Season: Season Four
Release Date: TBD
Producer(s): Jerald Harkness,
E Producer(s): Kweku Hayford,
Director(s): TBD
Consultant(s): TBD
Interviewee(s): TBD
Crew: TBD
Talent: TBD
Production: Nimble Sage Productions, Studio Auteur,
Network: TBD

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