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Aug 17, 2018 Fri 11:09PM

Nimble Sage Productions

True First Series / Nimble Sage Productions

Nimble Sage Productions

Nimble Sage Productions

Under the watchful eye of founder Kweku Hayford, Nimble Sage provides comprehensive management services to filmmakers, investors, and other stakeholders within the film and entertainment industry. In combination with a network of industry professionals, Nimble Sage is able to offer a turnkey service that brings all the right people together to turn a brilliant idea into a memorable work of cinematic art.

Nimble Sage secured the financing for the production of Season One, expanded the scope of the project to give it a more global appeal, and continues to pursue funding for subsequent episodes. From concept development to distribution, hundreds of diverse individuals are involved in shaping, filming, and bringing an imaginative spark to our stories of influential black lives. By partnering with Nimble Sage, we’ve placed these logistical gymnastics in the hands of a team that can shepherd everyone to the finish-line on time, on budget and most importantly, on point.


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