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Aug 17, 2018 Fri 11:11PM

RLJ Entertainment

True First Series / RLJ Entertainment

RLJ Entertainment

RLJ Entertainment

True First is proud to partner with RLJ entertainment, a premium digital channel company with a fabulous library of dramas, independent feature films and urban content. RLJ is perhaps best known as the people who bring Acorn TV and the Urban Movie Channel to over 700,000 subscribers throughout North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. The company is also the majority owner of Agatha Christie Ltd, the company that the author herself founded to manage the literary and media rights to her work.

RLJ co-produces and develops new programs in addition to acquiring and distributing existing titles. Their works can be seen across a broad spectrum of media including broadcast and pay television, theatrical releases, DVD, Blu-ray and a host of digital distribution models. As the founder of the first television network created for an African American audience, Board Chairman Robert L. Johnson is himself one of our legendary “true firsts”.


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