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Studio Auteur

True First Series / Studio Auteur

Studio Auteur

Studio Auteur

Studio Auteur is the child of Jerry Harkness, a producer, director and writer of numerous award-winning documentaries and independent film productions. His content creation company develops, finances and produces original film and entertainment projects and distributes them to a global market. With over twenty years of broadcast experience, Studio Auteur specializes in the creation and production of documentary features and shorts, original reality television series and feature films. Their work can be found on Paramount TV, the Urban Movie Channel, ESPN, VH1 and the Arts and Entertainment Network.

It is Studio Auteur that first came up with the idea for a series of docudramas that explore the contribution people of African descent have made to our cultural institutions, governance and financial prosperity. The company remains intimately involved in all aspects of both the management and production of the True First project.


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