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Aug 17, 2018 Fri 11:11PM

Urban Movie Channel

True First Series / Urban Movie Channel

Urban Movie Channel

Urban Movie Channel

What better place to air the first season of True First than on the Urban Movie Channel? The UMC was created by Robert L. Johnson and is a centrepiece of RLJ Entertainment lineup. The subscription streaming service is the first to be tailor-made for an African American audience, featuring drama, comedy, documentaries and feature films that highlight black talent and urban stories.

UMC was launched just over three years ago, building on the momentum and popularity of RLJ’s One Village channel. Shows include stand-up performances by black comedians, documentaries like I am the Blues, exclusive feature films and original series such as Black Love and The Rich and the Ruthless. By premiering on the Urban Movie Channel, True First is assured a receptive audience eager to learn more about the impact that these legends of African descent have had on all of our cultural, social, political and financial institutions.


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