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Jan 20, 2020 Mon 02:02AM

Ben Thompson

True First Series / Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson

Interviewee & Author

Ben Thompson was a great help to us in putting together the story of Stagecoach Mary Fields, the first African American woman to work a star route for the American Postal Service. Mary was a badass, which happens to be Ben’s specialty.

Ben is the writer and creator of badassoftheweek.com and author of eleven books on intriguing historical figures from the Vikings to the hell-raisers of the American Civil War. He’s appeared on the History Channel, Discovery and the American Heroes Channel to talk about the wild and wicked people he’s unearthed. He’s also written for numerous magazines and featured the story of Stagecoach Mary Fields on his blog. And Ben can also beat the Star Wars Trilogy arcade game with a single quarter. Now that’s badass.

Interviewee: Stage Coach Mary Fields,

A Few Other Team Members

Kweku Hayford
Executive Producer
Lenny McAllister
Production Consultant
Jerald Harkness
Producer, Writer & Director
Julie Arnold
Field Director
Eric J. Arnold
Director of Photography


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