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Jan 16, 2022 Sun 02:01PM

Darryl Tookes

True First Series / Darryl Tookes

Darryl Tookes

Darryl Tookes

Composer & Music Director

It’s easier to list who Daryl Tookes hasn’t worked with than to name the greats of the music industry that he’s graced with his talent over a forty-year career. He’s a self-described composer, producer, vocalist, pianist, arranger, educator and humanitarian. In short, an amazing talent that True First is thrilled to have as our Composer and Musical Director.

Darryl has worked on multiple special projects and soundtracks in the past – everything from the 2016 Rio Olympics to Live Aid. He’s also performed for, or appeared alongside, several of the legends whose stories will be told on True First including Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela. An astonishing career for a man who graduated from college magna cum laude in physics! Despite having rubbed elbows with the full chorus of musical superstars, Darryl remains a true original and presents his own unique gift to the audience of True First.


A Few Other Team Members

Julie Arnold
Field Director
Kenneth Lee
Assistant Director & Line Producer


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