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Oct 20, 2021 Wed 01:30PM

Eric J. Arnold

True First Series / Eric J. Arnold

Eric J. Arnold

Director of Photography

Everything from camera composition to lighting ultimately falls under the responsibility of the Director of Photography. That means the visual aesthetic of the finished work will depend as much on the prowess of this key crew member as the talents of other collaborators like the Art Director or Producer. That’s why we chose Eric Arnold for True First.

Eric J. Arnold is a Cinematographer, Producer and Editor who makes great films. His career took off with an Emmy-nominated short that led to work on a variety of network television shows for the Discovery Channel, A&E Biography, ESPN and the Military Channel. When Eric travelled from his native Indianapolis to Los Angeles to shoot The Hopeful, he was rewarded with screenings at 11 film festivals, a distribution deal, and three years of streaming across several digital platforms. After shooting hundreds of industrial, medical, corporate and agricultural documentaries, Eric is more than ready to take on the drama of True First.


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