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Apr 20, 2021 Tue 01:33PM

Julie Arnold

True First Series / Julie Arnold

Julie Arnold

Julie Arnold

Field Director

Julie Arnold was one of the first African American Radio City Rockettes, which in itself gives her a special connection to the True First project. She began to make her mark in the world of entertainment as a Broadway dancer before moving into film and television. She has made over 35 national commercial appearances, has several film roles to her credit, and is the widely recognised host of “Made in Hollywood”. Julie has also written extensively for the industry and interviewed countless A-list celebrities.

Julie’s African American heritage dates back to the 1740s and can be traced to America’s 4th President, James Madison. Her mother was a passionate civil rights advocate and her father a four-time basketball Hall of Famer, holding the record for the longest shot ever made in the history of professional basketball. For the True First project, Julie will be shouldering the duties of Field Director.


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