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Jan 16, 2022 Sun 01:20PM

Kenneth Lee

True First Series / Kenneth Lee

Kenneth Lee

Kenneth Lee

Assistant Director & Line Producer

The line producer is like the chief operations officer who looks after the day-to-day logistics of putting a great show together. They need to have a solid background in all facets of production from scouting the right location to making sure everyone has a bed to sleep in at the end of a shoot. Luckily, True First has Kenneth Lee.

Kenny is a writer, Producer, Assistant Director and film editor who teaches production at Full Sail University in Orlando. He worked for five years for WTHR in Indianapolis as a technical director before moving on to Los Angeles. There, he joined the production department of the Ghost Whisperer which enjoyed a successful five-year run on CBS. In the last few years, Kenny has worked on numerous projects including everything from documentaries to music videos. With this breadth of experience, he’s a welcome addition to the crew of True First.

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