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Kimberly Stephens

True First Series / Kimberly Stephens

Kimberly Stephens

Kimberly Stephens

Director & Actress

An accomplished screenwriter and producer, Kimberly Stevens will be making her television debut with True First. Kimberly comes to the small screen trailing a long list of achievements as an independent film producer. Her short films have been honored at several film festivals and she currently has more documentary projects in the works with her company Knap P Head Productions. Based in Indianapolis, Kimberly still finds time to share her love of the arts with young people in her community, working with both the Boys & Girls Club of America and the YMCA.

Kimberly will be doing double-duty with True First as both an actress and a Producer. In series one, she will be portraying Stage Coach Mary Fields, the first woman to work for the United States Postal Service. Her production skills will be applied to the episode on Shirley Chisolm, the first black woman elected to the United States Congress.

A Few Other Team Members

Charles A. Ray
Interviewee & Author
Chris Pickenpaugh
Post-production & Graphics
Jerald Harkness
Producer, Writer & Director
Barbara Rude
Art Director & Actress


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