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Kweku Hayford

True First Series / Kweku Hayford

Kweku Hayford

Kweku Hayford

Executive Producer

Kweku Hayford is a negotiator, strategist, entrepreneur, logistical whizz, manager and professional networker. In other words, he’s the consummate Executive Producer. As the founder and Principal of Nimble Sage Productions, he brings filmmakers together with the financing and resources they need to make terrific movies, turning ideas into projects and transforming investment to profit.

As the Executive Producer of True First, Kweku is responsible for keeping the process moving, on time and on budget, from pre-production to distribution. His many years in the film and entertainment industry have given him the knowledge, patience and inter-personal skills to not only find the right people for the job but bring out the very best they have to offer. Sourcing the right partners and investors for True First has given the project wings, and continued success at attracting backers will ensure subsequent seasons enjoy the same level of funding and support as the first.

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