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Oct 20, 2021 Wed 01:19PM

Lenny McAllister

True First Series / Lenny McAllister

Lenny McAllister

Production Consultant

Every project needs a fresh perspective, someone who can check-in on the direction of the work to ensure it’s staying on track and on message. True First has Lenny McCallister on board to do just that. Lenny is an adjunct professor of African-American history at LaRoche College, but is better known as a political commentator, presenter and public speaker.

Lenny is a conservative Republican who was named to the Root 100 as one of the 45 most influential African-Americans under 45. While representing a partisan perspective, he has long spoken out against racism and is a staunch community advocate. He ran for office in Davidson, North Carolina and has provided political commentary for numerous online publications, radio stations and television networks. His involvement in the True First project is an extension of his commitment to improving the social, political and economic conditions of all people of African descent.


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