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Oct 20, 2021 Wed 01:35PM

Paul Wilson Jr

True First Series / Paul Wilson Jr

Paul Wilson Jr

Producer & Director

When PJ Wilson’s parents purchased a VHS video camera, the 12-year-old was hooked. He’d press his siblings and the other neighbourhood kids into service to star in his home movies, laying the foundation for a career in the media production industry. Patiently learning the ropes through fifteen years of service to two major production companies, Paul Wilson launched his own company in 2018. Beyond Above Media is now on a mission to change the world, one frame and one story at a time.

Paul is a trusted go-to resource in the tight-knit production community. His current and previous clients include ESPN, NCAA, A&E and ABC among other household brands. As the Director of several True First episodes, he’ll be able to fully test the theory that his best work is yet to come.

Producer: Disco King Mario,
Director: Disco King Mario,

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